Monday, February 6, 2012

Magic Beans and Hollyhocks

Once upon a time, a little girl loved playing in the garden.  She was full of spunk and the sunlight loved her hair, we know that because it always turned it golden.   This little girl loved helping her mommy plant seeds and flowers but most of all she loved to dig in the dirt.  Worms lived in the dirt, you know, and when digging in the dirt you can find lots of chubby worms, skinny worms, short worms, and long worms. 

Magic Beans
And so went our day.....

We had a fun weekend.  We literally were outside ALL day Saturday.  With temps in the upper 50's our bodies were craving the sunshine on our faces, all of us.  Sunday we spent the afternoon at a Superbowl party with friends and again, as the daylight was waning I was dragging Sarah inside.  Tomorrow is suppose to be the same weather wise and hopefully we will be able to get more sunshine. 

Sarah made up the cutest story, about magic beans.  I think it was from a Clifford episode.  And speaking of beans, our order will soon be in and off.  I will once again try some hollyhocks as well.  I have tried several times to no avail.  I'm not actually sure what I am doing wrong but I am going to try them along the south side of the house along with the tomatoes.  Wish me luck.

Friday we found a little local coffee shop called Java Fusion on 6th Ave and we had a fun Mom and Daughter lunch out.  If you are in the area check them out.  Anyway, while there they had a domino set and we spent a good 20 minutes practicing the concept of adding .  It was fun, and a new method for teaching it.  I think we will look for a set soon as well.  It held her attention much longer than the standard worksheet.  She loved being able to feel the actual dots and I found her tracing the dots several times. 

I am looking at some software for photo editing as well, but really am not sure about the direction to go.  If anyone has any ideas please feel free to share the knowledge!


  1. Love the sound of your Mom and Daughter lunch. Sounds like a wonderful, relaxed time together!

    We use Picassa for photo editing, mostly because it was a free download. It does a pretty good job though:)

  2. Thank you Jenn. It was a fun day with my daughter, really leaving a lot of the normal worries behind. I also use Picassa, because it was free. :-)


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