Friday, January 27, 2012

Princess of the mud castles

Mud play is so wonderfully fun and freeing.  I encourage everyone to try it, but be prepared....  our kitchen and bathroom floor ended up messy.  That being said we had fun.  We made mud caterpillars, dug for worms, used a pail and made a mud castle and then Princess Belle ruled the kingdom from her muddy throne.  I don't think this was in the Disney version of the story.  *smile*

The only possible problem was when Bear looked at me with a mischievous grin as she formed a mud ball and said, "watch out mommy."   No, I didn't end up with a mud ball in the face.  She had so much fun in the mud, last week playing out side in the snow all day for several days was fun as well but there is something about getting mud in your fingers and smelling the fresh wet dirt that is satisfying to the soul;  the discovery of worms are just an added bonus. 

This week we have also worked some more on organizing and dumping.  We have well surpassed our 20 bags throughout the house, some has been trash that has been removed as we have decided that some paperwork has no need to be kept and still more has been donated or given away.  I will post pictures soon, but as we clear a mess while things are waiting for new homes the house is piled with bags it seems.  Our weather last week put a big damper on things.  How is your sorting going?  I feel like I have even surpassed my projected number of bags that I could go back through every room and remove even more.  Do others feel that way?

I need to make my seed order soon as we plan for more outside time.  Do you have a favorite place that you buy your seed or plants? 

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  1. It has been very rainy here this past week and are backyard is all mud. Yucky for me, but my five year old is loving it. Well, my 10 year old daughter is having a pretty good time too! And yes, it leaves a messy bathroom after they shower, but it is worth it to see them having so much fun out there!


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