Saturday, December 31, 2011

20 bags in 30 days

Can I do it?  Well I certainly hope so.  So the challenge is on and starting January 1st we will begin our 30 day purge. 
Not our home.... 
but if we don't get to work it could be!

Here is my list.  Feel free to share your goals and lists as well.  Email me and I may feature your pictures, story or blog here on Garden Tenders.  I know I need inspiration to keep going forward and taking the plunge, so please be my inspiration!  So for the next 30 days, beginning January 1, 2012 I will be getting rid of at least 1 bag of junk a day, maybe more.  Much of  the stuff or items will be donated, I hope, but some stuff no one wants.  That's just how the cookie crumbles, you know?  So the challenge is on and I challenge you all as well.  It's time to de-clutter and simplify. 

2 bags kitchen
2 bags laundry area
1 bag bathroom
1 bag Sarah's room
2 bags our room
1 bag our closet
2 bags living room
2 bag porch/mud room
5 bags basement
2 bags attic

This is not even including the outside sheds.  That will be a challenge in March.  We have a ton of things to down size with and our hope here is that 2012 is more time spent doing family fun stuff and one way to get there is to have less stuff "junking" up our space. 

Now to keep myself honest I will post pictures and updates periodically.  It will be hard, we are a family of "collectors" and taking this into consideration I am being rather modest in our goals.  Trying to keep it realistic and do able.  I need to, this isn't a want but a NEED, to declutter my home and make things more manageable around me for my sanity, my health and my family.

So here's to 20 bags in 30 days....  Hopefully we can double that bag count! 

Happy Tending!

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  1. Bedroom done.... photos to come soon. 9 bags from our bedroom alone! DONATION STATION. Shoes, clothes, trash.... 6 large bags of donated women and men clothes and shoes! Tons of old paperwork.


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