Monday, October 24, 2011

Rapunzel's long hair and apple sauce

Life can get so wound up and keyed up sometimes.  Learning takes place in everything though.  To everything there is a season and a purpose.  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven...Ecclesiastes 3:1

Sarah making her own loaf of bread...
She is putting oil in her pan
The past week or so we have had had birthdays coming out of our ears!  What fun!  Helping our friends turn another year older.  What a joy to watch these babes get bigger and  to go after knowledge with such ardent thirst is a wondrous sight!  Watching my own wee babe grow more curious each day is the best thing there is.  I try very hard to not stifle her adventurous spirit or her creative side.  I falter sometimes, and sometimes we must guide in a certain direction, but its so much fun to watch her grow and hear her little voice ask those endless why and how questions.

We have been learning about how apples make applesauce, Bear even helped to crank the sauce maker and we ended up with several quarts and pints of the sweet fruit.  I also made several pints and half points of apple butter.

We have also been studying how greediness is not a good trait for people to have and how we need to share and give our friends  things that are good, like what we would want to be given.  I am so proud of her.  She doesn't fight or throw a fit at birthday parties and understands that those gifts are for her friends because we care about them.  We continue to work on listening, that seems never ending, and cleaning up after our selves.

Part of Sarah's creative streak is showing up in her joy of making up her own songs and wanting to get her friends together to start a band.  She continues to love art, in all its forms.  Her creativity and imagination astounds me.  She is so funny.

The children were all excited and completely
forgot about play to witness this visitor.
Last week we were with our little Learn Through Play group and we seen fuzzy Caterpillar!  I hadn't seen those in years and I am so glad Sarah had the chance to see one.  In fact before we left the park we seen nearly a dozen, a few we gently rescued from the road and the path of cars to the safety of the grass.  Anyone that knows me well knows that it took a great amount of courage for me to pick up and insect!  ;-)

Planing is starting to get underway for Thanksgiving.  Not sure who and how many we will have this year, but its always nice to share with others.  November 1st I am starting a "Thankful Tree" with Sarah and on it everyday we will be putting a leaf on it with something we are thankful for that day.  I hope it helps with understanding the season and with counting down the days to Thanksgiving.

While we aren't reading yet, she recognizes her name when she sees it, this floored me the first time and I thought it was a fluke, but it has happened a few other times as well.  I also helped her create a book out of felt pages and we were going to scrap book with it, but instead she has decided it is a story book and we have decided it is to be used for creating our own stories.  She loves it.

I am on the home stretch for sewing a costume for Sarah.  She wants to be Rapunzel for all her many parties this next week.  I even made her a long "wig".  Hopefully she enjoys it and can wear it for a long time for imaginary play.

Still working on our craft room, it seems never ending but I plan to put some time into after my midterms this week.  I am still sorting and finding more stuff to "dump" all the time.  On that note.....

Happy Tending!

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