Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year to you too

Man, don't get me wrong we all want to be healthier, focus more on eating better, losing weight, managing household expenses better, etc , etc, but how about something real simple, like learning to understand the mind of a 3 year old? I hope 2011 brings me insight on that. Otherwise I might just go insane.

We have had so many antics lately. Funny, but oh so frustrating too. Monday, new week new year right? Well instead of my daughter taking my advice and making her news years resolution to heart (no whining and always listening to Mommy and Daddy) Bear decided she would spend most of the day in some form of time out. To top it off naps are getting more and more rare and any interruption (phone, door, etc) will wake her up. She will be raring to go and I am dragging. UGH! Thank goodness I have a support system and know I am not alone in my misery! LOL

Wednesday we needed to get ready for a homeschool play date, so we baked our snack (blueberry muffins) and I went to get dressed and brush my teeth (yeah I know, I actually took the time to do that basic need LOL) and when I came out of the bedroom, what is my dear sweet daughter doing? She has the eggs out again and is talking to one. Really it was so cute I couldn't very easily punish her and I know I should have been consistent, but hey no harm was done. Don't judge 'til ya been there. :-) Anyway, she was knocking the egg on the counter and asking it, "is any one hommmmmeeeeeeeee in there? Hellllooooooo, anyone hommmmmeeee?" and then turned to me as I burst out laughing and said, "the chicken must not be home." I mean come on! How cute is that? Well we cleaned that up and then to continue the egg saga, this morning after my shower I caught her with another egg saying, "Hellllllooooooo. Is there a chicken in there?" All the while an infectious giggle coming from her, and me too. This was after I woke up to chocolate sauce all over the coffee table. LOL She must know she needs to get mom's funny bone.

Ah the trials of motherhood, heck parenthood in general. Your little flesh and blood selves come back to haunt and taunt you for all the little things you did as a child. It's generational I swear. In a poll of all my Mom friends I know 98% will tell me their parents tell them that as children they were exactly the same way and laugh when we bring up the latest antics of their beloved grandchildren.

Julliane, a friend, said today something which hit the nail on the head. Parenthood is hard. Just plain hard. It's not that we go into knowing so little, though we do that too, but it's just plain hard. We lose sleep while pregnant because we have to get up and pee 100 times during the night, and as the pregnancy gets toward the end we lose sleep from anxiety or discomfort, heck even excitement. Then after the baby we longed for arrives, we lose sleep because of every two feedings and diaper changes. Then we beg for sleep and just as we think they will sleep through the night, they start waking at the crack of dawn. Maybe during this time you have had another, or are expecting another, hate to break the news but the cycle starts all over again, and your oldest may just revert back, just to let you know they still are your baby too. Yep the cycle never ends. So then you wait for when they can dress, feed and get themselves out the door without it being a three ring circus and by that time you notice they have become teenagers, which sets in motion a whole new batch of things to keep you awake, losing sleep.

So here's to hoping for the ultimate resolution, to learn to understand and have fun with the task we have been given.


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