Wednesday, June 18, 2014

dream building

So here I am.  On the grey dog speeding across the vastness we call America.  My heart is struck by the enormity of our nation and how few have experienced her beauty.  We live in a beautiful land and it makes me appreciate my own little corner of it more.

This week seen our family grow by nine.  We added seven chickens (future hens) and two gooslings to the farm.  Yes, we are now a few steps closer to our dream.  The only thing purchased new for their new abode was the chicken wire.  Their home is made entirely of repurposed products.  I have to say, it doesn't look half bad for the work of an amature.

Recently I discovered something new about the word amature. An amature is someone that does something for the love of something.  Yes, I am an amature.  I am on our little farm doing the best I can because of love.  A love for my family, my God, and a hope and dream for tomorrow.  This framework is being built by amatures.  We have these dreams because we love something greater than us.

But all this is zipping through my brain as we zoom 75 miles an hour across the sea of grassland that makes up the vast majority of our nation.  It's on the way to another dream which still is in the hatchling stages. This is where my thoughts take me at three in the morning.  Yes, much like that sea of grass before me, so must we remain.  We must be open to what God has in store for us and we need to be happy.  Dare I even say content?

Even the sea of grass has beauty.  We just need to open our minds to it and recognize it for the gift it truly is.

As one friend prepares for her families departure into the sea of unknowns, it's my prayer that love and grace follows them.  Their path has been forged by God, and while it's new and somewhat scary, it is a path that God has placed them on.  My heart sorrows for a friend moving away, but it also rejoices for her.  God bless you my friend.


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