Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Unicorns are unique

Being a mom.  Its hard.  Its full of complications.  Do we let our child do this?  Do we let our children do that?

Today my child was told she was "different" and it wasn't said in the most amicable of ways.

I have been telling Bear for several months now that being different is not bad.  She has lately been very concerned that she doesn't do things the same or as well as others.  I can pinpoint at least one person that could have instigated this, but it could also be her age as well.  Or perhaps her age has magnified it?  Either way, it has happened and it has broken this momma's heart. 

Why do little girls at six years old find they need to be hateful toward other little girls?

It makes being a mom hard.  Really hard

Even though we tell our kids that being "different" is a wonderful thing and will make them better people they don't really want to be different (or most don't).  In art this week Bear cried and got upset because she couldn't draw as well as one little girl next to her, of course it didn't help when the little girl drew attention to her crying, which didn't set well with me because of my mommy's heart.  Bear use to enjoy collage and abstract art, now she is concerned with drawing like everyone else, and my heart breaks.  The art teacher tries very very hard to tell everyone that art is fun and there is no right or wrong.  I have always told Bear that there are no mistakes in art.  I believe this with my heart, but my little girl who lives outside the box is surrounded by people that must do things a certain way.... and she is different. 

Another little girl we know was telling me one day that she was upset because she couldn't ride a two wheeled bike yet, she is eight.  I quickly told her, "Big Whoop!"  I told her that she is amazing because she is on a roller derby team and has a keen interest in taxidermy, and she is a great actress.  How many eight year olds can lay claim to that?  Yeah, very few.  Its cool being outside the box.  But she still worries about not riding a bike like other kids.

Being different shouldn't be something that is looked down upon.  Being different is what makes things interesting.  The great writers, artists, scientists, and others were not run of the mill.  They did things differently. 

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.-Dr. Seuss

 The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.-Walt Disney

So tomorrow we are reading about Bob is a Unicorn.  I will explain to Bear that we have to look inside our hearts and follow our dreams.  Unicorns are rare, just like she is; Rare, beautiful, and unique

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