Monday, February 17, 2014

Seashore Tossed

Monday Reflections for  2/17/14

Today I am sharing a personal poem.  Years ago, I would sometimes journal in what I called "poems" and once in awhile I still do occasionally. 

I called this one "Seashore Tossed" and wrote it in 2014.  Yes very recently.  I have been reflecting a lot lately on God.  I find that when I take moments in my day to seek his peace, nay his presence and guidance, I reflect upon him throughout the day more readily.  Having an ongoing relationship with him is what is needed to hear his voice.  We can't hear it if we only visit him on Sundays or even more rarely than that. 

I can, I ought, and I will.  I can do al things through Christ who strengthens me.  I ought to daily seek a relationship with God.  When I do these things I will grow closer to him.  God doesn't want us only when we have troubles to unload.  Yes, we need to dump those at his feet, but he also wants to be invited as we rejoice in successes. 

Seashore Tossed
Kim/Garden Tenders 2014
Majestic serenity, simplistic beauty
Reign high priest on the rocky beach
Calling upon my soul to bid my rest;
 as I lay my burdens at his feet.
Calm, serene
The waves slowly lap at my feet;
My mind calms and my thoughts dispel
As I shake the clinging sand and seaweed away
I am reminded,
He is amidst the deep,
Watching me, comforting me, guarding me,
Even the deep within my heart.

He reigns with majestic serenity
He shows his love with the simplistic beauty
Before my eyes.
Of the gnarled wood;
I am reminded of the supreme sacrifice.
From the sea I was tossed into his arms.
With the incoming tide,
I am humbled.
To the hill side I climb,
Not looking back,
My eyes can only look toward him.


  1. Your poem really touched my heart. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful. You are gifted and talented.


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