Thursday, December 12, 2013

Raining buckets

and not just the wet stuff outside!  Its been a hard move and adjustment for our family.  Add on top of it Bear, Grammie, and myself catching a cold that wont go away.  In addition, its been an adjustment having Grammie with us and incorporating other peoples schedule and lives into ours.  Everyone has been going through some growing and adjusting. 

While I haven't meant to neglect the blog, it has, through necessity I suppose, been one of the things that has fallen by the way side as we adjust our lives.  But, I AM BACK... for now.  *smile*


I recently started being a Usborne Book Consultant.  Not pushing or anything but if you want to check out their awesome books and need a consultant please use me....  here is a link to my shop (  Yes, I do get a commission or percentage of any books bought.  And in no way is Usborne books responsible for any of the content on my blog.  There, all the legal stuff taken care of.... 

They are really great books though and a wonderful organization.  Bear's first book she ever had was "That's Not My Puppy" and while I think we donated it during our recent move, it was still a favorite.  Their books span several years, and they really are geared for the while child. 

We've been through some bumps at home and our school schedule still isn't where I would like it.  Mostly because we need to work in the lives of everyone involved and I need to make sure that everyone sees it as the priority that it is.  Including Bear.  She is pretty upset with me most days for writing and reading and the day goes down hill from there.  She does well, and then she will have a bad day and it sets her back several days.  But we are starting with an, YOU GUESSED IT, Usborne book that is clearly written with phonics in mind and has taken into account how children work (Ted and Friends).  The first few days were tough with me pushing on, but I am hoping it goes forward a bit more smoothly.  We will not be taking a Christmas Break.  *Sigh*

How has your December been? 

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