Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fuel for our body

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Americans have a love affair with the blue plate special.  We do.  Yes, we do!  You do, I do, the mail man does, and even the guy sitting over there... yeah him, even he has a love affair with food.  We ALL have a love affair with our food that likely started when were about one, or earlier.

We want lots of food, and when you think of homecookin' what immediately comes to mind?  Lightly steamed broccoli and broiled skinless chicken breasts with a few herbs sprinkled on?  No.  We see meatloaf, mashed potatoes slathered in butter, creamed vegetables, refrigerator croissants (because we are to hurried to make homemade bread), and apple pie with ice-cream melting on top....

What exactly are creamed vegetables? 

Now, occasionally that meal wouldn't be bad....  but our meals are full of foods like this.  If not this they are quick grabs in the car as we are going from A to B, or collapsing into bed after visiting an all you can eat buffet.  Its not just our family facing this, our nation as a whole are facing the dilemma of eating foods which do nothing to really fill or nourish us.  Our bodies are raked with diseases our ancestors rarely faced.  How many people have heartburn medication in their cabinet right now?  How many people suffer from aches and pains for no reason?  Yep, our foods, as I have written before, are killing us.

This past year has been hard on us in many ways, but one big way was pure dependence on eating out and many times fast for three or more months, which became a habit by the way; A habit hard to break free of.  We have to.  We must.  The past few months I have gotten sicker and sicker.  My body can't live like this much longer and I want to be here for Bear as she gets older.  I want to hold my husbands hand as we walk into the moonlight and get old together.  If I don't change my life, drastically, I will  certainly face worsening problems. 

We are undertaking a year long experiment.  We will be eating less processed and more whole foods, much like our 10 day challenge we did last spring.  More raw, more pro-biotics, less processed flour and sugar....  Bye Bye Kraft Mac and Cheese.  Not saying we wont have it occasionally, but we will be making homemade, not powder from a box concoctions that leave you wanting for more. Have you ever noticed that?  What you crave and eat never really satisfies you.  Why is that you think?

I have been slowly turning into a Three Musketeer bar.  I now feel mushy and not very healthy.  How many out there feel the same way?  I will be blogging about our journey as we go forward.  We have foods to deplete from our pantry and I will be finding ways to make those foods more wholesome and great tasting!  Who wants to join me?!  Lets rock this and kick our rotten health to the curb.  I am claiming it for myself and owning better health for my family and I in 2014! 

Bring it on!

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