Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Family Fun

Last spring I purchased a Groupon certificate to a somewhat local Country Fair and Farm;  Remlinger's Farm in Carnation, Washington.

It was very busy, but Bear had the time of her life.  If you are local in Western Washington, you need to put this on your "Family To Do List."  Bear loved the pony rides best of all. 

I am going to share a bit of our day with you.  We had a great time, it was a bit of a drive from our area, but it was fun.  I guess they also have fall specific events which include wagon rides.  So I guess you still have some time.  We are going to two or three other October events and can't add anything else to the calendar right now.


Speaking of calendar.....  we are still a couple weeks out of the house being ready for us....  I am getting antsy, but it will all be in God's time.  Right now, living in a motel, and learning to enjoy more free time.  Yes, I have rediscovered a few things since I have decided I need to embrace it rather than fight it so much.  Am I happy?  No, but I am ok. I have started reading again... for fun.  We are doing a few "school" things, like handwriting, living math, reading and working on sounds together, but we are spending a lot of time outside as well. 

This is a season in our lives.  I can look upon it with scorn, or acceptance that God will provide and is providing for us.  God is good.

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