Friday, July 5, 2013

Fudge Pops

Who doesn't love a fudge pop?  Anyone?

Ashley over at Life with Moore Babies recently posted a recipe where she made fudge popsicles for her kiddos.  Well, it looked like fun, so we decided to try the experiment ourselves in our push-up pops.  SUCCESS. 

I didn't take a bunch of pictures, since we are packing tornados and the kitchen is a chaotic mess of dishes as we speak, but I will verbally walk you through what we did.  If you want to check out how Ashley did them please do!  She did post pictures of the steps she took.

Now anyone that knows me knows that I generally wing it as far as recipes are concerned.  I take a general idea and run with it.  I added a lot more cool-whip than she did, because I forgot to write it down and thought what the hey...... 

I had one of the big boxes of instant pudding in the pantry so I used it.  I followed the recipe for making pudding and then into the bowl I added the carton of cool-whip (the 16 oz. size I believe), and I mixed and mixed....  per directions...  somewhere around 3 minutes total.  To a 5 year old it seemed like eternity. 

After the mixing was done I poured (ok more like scooped) the fudgy goodness into our handy dandy push up popsicle makers (which we still love!  They have held up very well!) and froze them until hard; that was an awesome feat itself... Bear kept checking on them every ten minutes.  I did have to run the outside of the push-ups under hot/warm water for a few minutes to get them pushing up when they were done, but they worked really well.  Bear enjoyed one on the front porch in the sunshine, another in the back yard in the sunshine, in her fort in the --you guessed it--sunshine.  We all enjoyed one....or two.  *grin*



  1. So happy it worked well for you! I bet with the bigger box of pudding there wasn't really that much extra cool whip either! They are a little addicting and don't last long around here for sure!

    1. Thank you for sharing your recipe secret! I think we will make them again soon!


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