Friday, May 24, 2013

Fun Foto Friday

A look into our week of fun and learning.....

Bear enjoys painting and sometimes being funny and painting her face
It does make me grin....How about you???? 

Hard at work making her first ever peach pie for daddy.
Daddy enjoyed it BTW


I was awarded an Outstanding Student of the Year (2013) award, just as this chapter is nearing its end....  Wonderful program and instructors.  Looking forward to the next chapter, and yes, you can congratulate me now.  *Grin*  It been a fun road being a student myself as I have been homeschooling Bear.  Sometimes its been rocky as the waves have tossed our little boat to and fro; sometimes the only ripples we've encountered  have been made by my oar cutting through the surface as I continually strive for the shore.  Its a bit bittersweet, but my daughter has seen the importance of doing your best and most importantly, sticking with it even when its hard.  Yes, this chapter is nearly complete and we look forward to the next...  and seeing what God has in store for our family. 

After a long hard day of  learning and play,
falling sleep on the couch is in order.... 
can we say NAP!


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