Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Generation Lost

I have a challenge I want to present you with... 

We are a generation who has lost its way.  We grapple with how we can reconnect, while leashed to our cell phones, lap tops, reality TV, and tablets.  We are a generation lost....
At one time, back when we all lived in rural towns, and looked out for each other, lived in the same place for our whole life, we had a simpler life.  We had less, but we had more.  Its kind of strange, you know?  Today we have so much, yet have lost contact with each other.  We need to return to some of the old-fashioned ways of our grandparents and find ourselves again.   Lets go down this path that is overgrown but ripe with hope.  Lets sit on our front porch, lay a blanket in the grass and enjoy the fresh air and reconnect.  Somewhere along the way we will find out what we have been missing as we bustle and hustle to and fro.  We will teach our children that we value them and our fellow mankind as we take the time to actually talk with our neighbors. 
I am challenging you to join me in reconnecting;  I challenge you to reconnect and find out what you have lost in a quest to be busy.  Put down the phone, turn off the computer, and pick up a glass of lemonade.  Encourage your neighbors to join you, as you forge ahead perhaps others will yearn to reconnect in real life as well.  
Lets take back our front porch, finding our selves in the process.  We can stop this cycle.

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