Monday, April 22, 2013

Its on my side

Time that is.  I have time to change and refocus.  We all do; we just have to take the steps needed to get there. 

I struggle to get a handle on time.  Some days I seem to have it down pat and other days... well....  I seem to let it slip away but I do have some methods that generally work when I indeed follow through.

  • No computer in the AM.  It really helps.  I'd even go so far as to say no media days are needed in every home in America.  Now, do I always do this?  No, but when I do I find I get more things done.
  • Keeping the house picked up.  This is everyone's chore.  It really is.  We have goals to do this and sometimes we do it and sometimes we fail.  our goal is picking it up at night before we go to bed so we wake up and can get about our business.  Do you have routines like this in your home?
  • Plan meals ahead and make sure that all the needed ingredients are on hand.  Oh this can save hours!  Really.  Literally hours a week can be spent pondering the pantry shelves and wondering what to eat and planning even a week at a time helps.  Of course all the planning in the world does nothing if you don't actually do it.
  • Pick one day each week to do the shopping and then combine errands.  If there is a doctor appointment, try to have all the errands (as much as possible) on the same day.  Its a big time waster to have a doctor appoint on Tuesday and a homeschool outing on Thursday and then still have shopping to do on Friday.  When possible combining a few things work wonders.  It might make for one full day, but then the other days are free at home for fun and play (hence keeping the house picked up --what works for us is pick up in the PM and do ay small things in the early AM). 
  • Listen.  Listen, I mean really listen, to those around you and communicate with them.  Don't just assume that they know what's going on in your head.  Odds are it will be completely wrong and pain is felt all around when this happens. 
  • Making a list.  I work well with  a list to keep on task and focused.  I get a great sense of accomplishment when I cross off that item on the list....  Try it.  I often have lists before big projects and especially before trips.  Knock on wood, but rarely have I forgotten an item, because I can look and see it has been CROSSED OFF my list!
  • Try to have down time in your week.  You may have to schedule it, but I think if we cut out media time and focus on Loved Ones Time (LOT) it automatically happens.  Plan to eat together, play games together, have family nights together where there is no TV, no internet...  Cut out the scheduled events and live a little flying by the seat of your pants. 
A typical "To Do" list at our home

What do you do to combat wasting time?


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