Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Waunderings

Wednesday marked 4 days of eating virtually no processed foods.  I say virtually non because everyone seems to have a different idea of what processed means.  Its easy to do, I think we all can make the mistake of thinking anything touched by man outside of its natural form is processed.  Dr. Christopher (my favorite naturopath educator) once said, if you can't throw it out side and have it grow, its not good for your body....  I disagree with some of that, but he has a good basic premise.   My pastors wife introduced me to his "medicine" in 1993 and while I don't follow it, I have always seen a lot of sense in many of his teachings.  The western diet is full of processed and refined food. 

Wednesday I made 100% whole grain bread.  One day soon I will grind my own grain for the flour, but today I used Red Mill stone ground 100% whole wheat flour, this week time has been a premium.  Here is a video I made of my foray into real bread. 

I had picked up some silicone push up pops when I decided we were doing this pledge and today I used some apples and made pure apple juice in the juicer and then put the rich, yummy goodness, into the push ups.  I will let you know how they work for us. 

So far we are doing fine, over the hurdle of no more dishwasher, through day four of our pledge (6 more to go) and I am alive.  Tomorrow, homemade chicken soup for lunch I think.  Homemade noodles, carrots, celery and broth I made earlier this week.

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