Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nature Hunt

This is a repost from March 19, 2012.  We are planning another scavenger hunt next week, If you are local you are welcome to join us.  Rain or shine.  Please print out the scavenger hunt form to bring with you.  Details on the facebook page will be forth coming. 


What a fun, all be it cold, morning.  While someone was cranky and possessive for a while, we did warm up and begin to make new friends and explore a bit of the Snake Lake Nature Center area.

Lesson Objectives: 
  • Quiet tones to not scare the animals
  • Discovery of habitats
  • Observation skills
  • Listening skills
  • Following directions

  • All in all we had fun.  I am hoping after I get a few of these going a couple other moms will help as well.  Planning once a month.  Last month we went bird watching.  Sarah made a new friend.  I was happily surprised by the turn out.  It made it even more fun to explore.  The age range was great too.  I think the oldest was roughly 10 and the youngest were 2.  Nice spread of ages.

    So we started the hike around Snake Lake looking for the items listed on our scavenger hunt list.  I geared it more toward the preschool and kindergarten ages, but it was easily fun for the older ones as well as the younger crowd.  You can view our Scavenger Hunt List Here (FEEL FREE TO PRINT AND BRING WITH YOU).  Feel free to print it out!

    Afterwards we played in the Discovery Pond and then ventured inside for a while where we visited turtles, tadpoles and pretended to be beavers, river otters, blue jays, great horned owls and more.  This is where the moms got to chat a bit. 

    It was fun and encouraging to visit with moms that have been homeschooling a while yet still new enough to it to remember what its like to be faltering in the waters of uncertainty.  It further cemented that Child Led is the direction we need to go with Sarah. 

    What kind of natural adventures have you been on recently?

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    1. Nature hunts are so much fun! Thanks for sharing a printable.


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