Monday, December 3, 2012

Whitehouse Academy News--Last week of November


We started the week with a session of chalkboard work and playing on my old piano keyboard.  Hubs dug it out of storage from under our bed and we put it up for her to use.  Bear also started work on sewing.  I gave her some cloth and we are working on hand sewing.  She loves the idea of making things with her own hands.  For a young 5 year old she is doing pretty good.  Little does she know but Mommy and Daddy are giving her a sewing machine and sewing box for Christmas. 


We drew patterns on paper and practiced letters.  Soon we will begin to focus on reading as well.  I think she is at the point where the next step can begin.  We had to cancel other plans, our element in our oven went kaputs!  Its on order and hopefully will be here next week (12/3 or 12/4). 

We also took advantage of playing outside in between the sprinkles.


TIMER!  I bought a timer so we can keep better track of time.  We have a tendency to spend the bulk of the time on one or two things. 

We played outside in the sand and mud again!  Science in the mud!  We explored what was in the mud.  No strict formal science lessons yet.  We talk about science all the time though.


Today we wrote virtually every letter, on demand, and while they weren't perfect her confidence is building and I hear "I can't" less and less each day.  We identified letters in books and wrote a few words as we sounded them out as well.


This was nature day!  More science and hiking with friends.  We explored the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge until little legs were dragging.  We had fun seeing blue herons and bald eagles.  A couple kids swore they saw Sasquatch.

Books Read:

I forgot to list these.... 

I do want to start keeping better track of what we read together though.

Weekend "Lessons"

We went to the Fort Nisqually 19th Century Christmas celebration.  We had so much fan as a family.  All the children went and helped to drag in the "YULE Log" and each child was able to help saw it and bring a small piece home with them if they wished.  I will share more of this later with pictures.

Sunday we went to Metropolitan Ballet Tacoma's production of The Nativity.  It was a beautifully done ballet performance. 

So that was our week!  What kinds of things do you find helps to keep you on track during the day?  (Wow hat sounded convoluted) *laugh*.


Thank you for taking a few moments to share your comments with me. It means a lot. Thank you!