Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Sometimes the day is gone from bad to worse and all you want to do is lay down on the floor in a fetal position.

Here are ten ways to reboot the day or week (heck, month maybe?  I know I have been there). 

  1. Go outside.  Just grab a coat and head out the door.  Of course the littles need to come too.  Go to the park, yes even if its raining (that what rain coats and hats are for).  If you have the forethought, pack a thermos of hot cocoa to enjoy and ward off a little bit of a chill.  Even half an hour can do wonders. 
  2. Call it an early night.  Make an early night of it.  The day has been going down hill all day and the steam engine is screaming at lightening speed, just figure you will eat cereal and toast for dinner.  Get each child into a warm bath.  Pull out a feel good family movie and grab blankets and pile everyone on the couch.  Watch a movie and cuddle.  The cuddles make the world feel just a little bit more normal again.
  3. Make meatloaf.  I have no idea why, but meatloaf makes everyone happier.  Meatloaf like they made it back before everyone decided it was boring.  Spices and garlic and oh yeah a yummy sauce on top.... 
  4. Add water and paper...  If you are home alone or your kids are older, take a bath, pick out a book and figure its quiet time from an hour or so. 
  5. Bake cookies.  A spice cookie, oatmeal cookie... even a chocolate chip cookie can slow everyone down.  just one batch....  if you don't feel like baking more than a dozen or so, the dough will keep a few days in the fridge.
  6. Get Organized.  Sometimes we need to get organized to relax.  But don't take that to the extreme.  Organize one thing.  Hang a key rack, write birthdays on a calendar, something small that can make a difference.  I use to lose the basement keys ALL the time.  I hung a key hook/rack and it has helped tremendously.  It not fancy, just a piece of molding left over from the kitchen that I put a few hooks into.
  7. Time Out.  Yep, mommy time out.  Hopefully you can get all the littles into a quiet time and you take a time out.  Read, pray, whatever you need to do.   
  8. Put music on and dance.  Put on something fun, has a beat and sing and dance, with the kiddos.    It will leave everyone in giggles.
  9. Go off grid....  Turn off the phone, computer..  all those devices which "connect" us and get back into a real connection with people.  Go for a walk in the mall, let the kids play in the play area while you have a coffee or coke and relax.  Kids don't need constant adult intervention.  Yeah we need to make sure they don't disappear or kill each other, but we don't need to have our fingers in the pie either. 
  10. Practice realism.  Make real goals for yourself.  Forget what you think everyone else does, make realistic goals for you and your family. 
I am in the boat with you as I continually strive to de-stress and simplify.  What do you do to de-stress you life?

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  1. Great suggestions! Sometimes we just need to relax. :)


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