Friday, October 26, 2012


The word isn't new to me, but its not a word I use often to describe something we do.  Yes, I strew.  I have always had art, clay, books, paper, and more in easy access for my daughter to use when the mood strikes her.  She can use puzzles, "paper dolls", blocks, and more when her little mind needs to work on those skills, and I don't worry too much about her getting too much unstructured time in this.  It works for us.

So I strew.  I had an epiphany yesterday, granted it was late in the evening and my day started before it got light, but my house has a messy appearance because I allow strewing. Yep....  HONEST.   Not only do I allow it, I ENCOURAGE it.  Books are looked at, blocks are played with, puzzles put together when our 5 year old self seems to need the skill its providing, and crayons litter the floor.  I recycle paper so we will often have pictures on one side and rough drafts of some school project on the other scattered about.  To the person that doesn't know us, and even those that do, they might say our house is messy.  Cluttered and messy; but I am here to state, NO MORE.  What might look cluttered to you is nothing more than a lab being used to its fullest potential.  The world is our laboratory;  Or that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

From NCMA Local
No more will I look at my house as messy (unless it really is messy, like 1/2 eaten PB&J on the coffee table and laundry sorted on the kitchen floor) but rather we have allowed education to be strewn throughout our home as we facilitate a love of learning and a desire to experience the extraordinary.  Muddy floors and dirty shoes at the backdoor just means we have played outside today, yesterday, and will tomorrow so why worry about it? 

We aren't like other people with homes full of organized shelves and lives.  This has been a long year of trying to simplify and maybe the key has been under my nose all along.  Stop focusing on others ideas of what we should be doing and focus on what we need to be happy.  I'm happy that we have somewhat gotten rid of fluff (yes more needs to be gone) but I also acknowledge we will never be completely organized. 

Focus on what I have on my plate and pick five things that must be accomplished.  I wrote that recently and I mean it.  If you are feeling like you just can't keep up or are overwhelmed, make a list and then pick 5 things from that list to focus on.  Now to really put my money where my mouth is I am gonna start sharing this path I am on with you.  November and onward will see me exploring this and sharing more. 

So onward we go as we happily strew.  I mean, why fight the constant exploration?  Its one thing we love about homeschooling.  If our strewing concerns you, that's something you need to explore.  If you see a week old PB&J and have questions feel free to ask about it....  it might be a lesson in science or the dog just didn't find it yet.  *Grin*


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  1. I am so there with you!!! We strew (but admittedly have far too much real clutter, too) and I have begun picking priority tasks to attend to as well. good luck and keep enjoying the blessings of your lab!


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