Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Craft Corner

Yeah, I can be a crafty momma.

Bear decided she wanted a Butterfly Birthday last year, after her Carnival Birthday.  I knew I didn't want the week of prep work that Hubs and I did for it again this year, so as long as we had a fairly easy set up and dismantle I was cool with it.  That being said I still made a few little craft items for her birthday party. 

I made cornucopias full of trinkets that Bear picked out.  While it's rather Victorian they include temporary tattoos.  *Grin*  

I started with much trial and error.  By the way, the spray adhesive works great for temporary holding of paper, but don't plan on it working long term.  Just a wee lesson I learned.

I started with a sheet of poster board (white), various sheets of 12x12 inch scrap book paper, glue sticks, paper clips, clothes pins, ribbon (narrow) and a bunch of patience. You can make these any size you like.  I ended up really being able to only cut two per scrap book page.

I ended up liking this pattern (recreated here) for the size I wanted.  Figure out what you want to have for the size and draw the pattern to make a cone on paper or poster board. 

Next cut out the shape and size you decided on. Hint, make sure its the shape and size you want before next step.  Trimming is easier now.

Roughly what you want to draw, but I’m not real adept at this word draw thing. :-) Cut roughly where the dashed lines are. I was without a pattern myself and just trying to wing it.

Next, using glue, attach paper to card stock/poster board and then shape into a cone (like a sugar or waffle cone) and glue well.  I used clothes pins and paper clips (used for “clamps”) to hold the shape in place until the glue was dry.  Have patience, it will take time to properly dry.  I waited until the next day to take the “clamps” off.  I then punched holes near the top and threaded a ribbon Bear picked out through the top.  You could add lace decorations, glitter, flowers, etc. really the only limit is your imagination. 

Lastly, fill with whatever goodies you want and if you want to you can attach name tags.
They were really fun to make and would be great for weddings and birthday parties alike.  I think next year we will do "May Day Baskets" for some of the neighbors and the older folks at Grammy's apartment and use this as a pattern. 

I hope this inspires you in your garden today!

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