Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Great Paint Pails Batman!

I must update everyone on what my "time away" has been full of.  *smile*  It has definitely not been a time of relaxing......

We have done a few worksheet pages everyday, to get into a routine.  I think we will continue with building up to it slowly, until mid September where we will hopefully be doing our rhythm (schedule I guess) the way I want.  Bear may have other plans though......

I think I have one more day of stripping, kitchen cabinets that is, at least that is my hope.  I also finished the front porch and decided to add shutters to the mix and it really makes he house look different.  I like it!  Our antique milk can and rocking chair adds a nice country look and homie appeal.  I think we really did good on the color.  We still have our address left to add and our sign but it looks really good, I think.



I had a lot of help from my little helper.  Just look at what she helped do for me.  Guess what, this was also educational.  Think of all the movements and hand strengthening this provided as well as watching the people mix the paint (amidst all her questions).  I will say though, the paint mixers at Home Depot the day we went weren't as friendly to a little girl as the key guy.  He allowed Bear to push the button to make the key, and she loved it.  That being said, mixing paint isn't pushing a button!  *grin*

Today I am thankful for sunshine, paint samples, and my adoring husband and wee little girl. 

See you soon gentle friends!

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