Sunday, July 22, 2012

What really matters (revisted)

We are on vacation and so I am reposting an older post here.  This was from October 24, 2010. 

What really matters

What makes a home? Is it a roof, the walls, the things in the home or is it something more? Is it the people who reside in the home or does it go even deeper?

I really think we adults could learn a lot from Clifford. I mean, just listen to his stories; How often do we forget the lessons we learn as children as the demands of life change who we once were? Can our home remain strong if we sell out ourselves for a few pieces of silver? I guess the answer can only come from within your own heart.

Children don't need or even want all the things we think they must have to have a great childhood. The greatest thing a parent can leave their child is faith and love. My own father was not a wealthy man. he worked hard as a caregiver, and yet I feel that my brothers and I have been left with a legacy that we can and should pass on to our own children. My parents tended their garden well. We children were their garden.

When the day is done, what did you do for your children? Did you buy them their every want yet left them in the care of others for hours, or did you neglected them as you worked late on paperwork you brought home? Children would rather have your time, not your money. Needs must be met but many things we call needs are nothing more than wants. Do your children really need the expensive camp you sent them to?  Would your time and energy be better spent playing with them in the park or laughing with them as you both are digging in the sandbox in your own back yard? What do you think they will remember next week more? Next year? Ten years from now? When you pass away and they are speaking at your funeral, will they talk about all the things you bought them, or will they instead be talking about all the time you spent doing things (ordinary things, like flying the kite in the spring, playing barbie dolls in the afternoon, teaching them how to fish, or reading the same story over and over again, with nary a sigh) with them?

So, in the end, that cup you're hoping to win one day in the race you keep running, it's just an empty cup unless it's filled with the real legacy of love you leave; and then I hope it's overflowing.

Thank you for reading this repost today gentle friends. 


  1. Everything else can wait. The laundry and dishes will wait for you, the new car you would like will wait for you... the list goes on and on doesn't it. Children won't wait. They are gone all too soon.

    Beautiful post!

  2. Thank you so much for your words and encouragement gentle friend. Blessings to you.


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