Monday, July 9, 2012

The Dandelion Menance

I have been going through a rough period pain wise.  My back is not always up to working long periods of time and really twenty minutes of weeding at a time is about all I can take right now.  God has at least given me the ability to do that and I am grateful, however that isn't enough for the city.Or else they think my lilies are weeds....

Yard work has been a struggle for us the last couple years.  This year we just recently got our picnic table all cleaned and set up, I mean, just--like this weekend.  Normally, before getting hurt, it was something we had done early every spring, I was able to do it myself, or much of it.  When the hubs has been off to be able to do stuff the weather has not played fair, would the city have him lose his job to help me do things?  We do not live where there is an HOA, I never would.  They have child molesters, drug houses, and pothole filled streets; yet their concern is with my flower bed that has some dandelion weeds?  I would take a picture and post it but its dark out now....  I will later.  Seriously, though the city has got some nerve.  Oh yeah they took pictures through our back gate as well where we were sorting our shed and cited us for that as well. 

The next time the city has anything before the voters asking for money, I AM VOTING AGAINST IT.  EVERY TIME.  If they have money to harass my family, they have money to fund their little pet projects without asking for more from me.  They must have plenty of money and time on their hands since they have decided to worry about my weeds and my neighbors old mattress, yet we still have drug houses in our neighborhood and streets full of potholes.  I have to still worry about my daughter playing in my back yard and pedophiles walking down the alley as the city seeks putting in halfway houses for these sickos.  Drug houses and halfway houses line their coffers.  Yep, worry about dandelions, they are a menace you know.

Yeah......  I am a little upset with the city.

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