Friday, April 20, 2012

Still here, just on a break!

We are still around, but on a bit of a break for a week.  Its been so hectic and time is running fast away from me.  We are going to Seattle for the weekend as well.  Hopefully we will encounter some good weather!

Sarah got her swing set this past weekend and that was turned into a learning experience as she and Bob took care of building most of it together.  Her understanding grows by leaps and bounds and it was showing forth helping her daddy.  She was so happy.  She said all weekend long, "I love my Daddy" and even asked if she could marry him.  LOL  Well you know that warmed her daddy's heart.  I am so glad they got to do this project together. 

She loves it, by the way, as is telling by the hours she spends playing on the structure. 

Friday I went to a curriculum chat and was able to see a few things up close and touch them.  I think I really like the concept of Math U See.  I like Hand Writing Without Tears, and I like All About Reading as well.  I also like the science books from Apologia, though I think that will begin in first or second grade for us.  Any input on that from others would be great.  I also, until we start Apologia, like the looks of Real Science-4-Kids.  It looks like it has the guided structure for me but can still be child led (unschooly) for Sarah.  She loves science and experimenting so I think it will work very well for a Kindergarten program.  Its exciting to be getting things lined up.  To all you home school parents, have you started looking yet, if so have you firmed up plans for next year?

Thank you all for continuing to read my blog, it's my little voice and way to share! 

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