Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And we're off....

to a good start and the peace I feel coming into my bedroom to relax at night is wonderful.  I have actually be coming in by 10pm each night! 

Sunday saw us tackling our bedroom.  We spent a few hours and really downsized with very little thought as we got rid of old shoes we rarely wear or haven't worn in a long time.  Shirts that were not what we wanted, dresses, jeans, socks....  and papers and knickknacks we had been hanging onto far to long.  Some might say we still have way to much but I am content with what we are doing thus far.

I am starting the kitchen and will even be getting rid of dishes and offering them on free cycle.  The clothes we donated.  

Here are a few pictures, just to keep me honest.....  :-)

9 Bags!
Happy Tending!
After the 9 bags.

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