Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy 63rd to my Daddy...

I miss you!  We all do.

Today we helped a little friend of Sarah's turn 4 years old and tomorrow we help one turn5!  What a busy weekend we have ahead of us.

Thursday was so much fun.  We went to Spire Rock in Spanaway where Sarah really learned a little bit about scaling rocks.  She was a bit timid the first time but then went back a bit later for a second round and liked it a lot.  Today that is all she can still talk about. She says, "Mommy I'm a rock climber"  and so she is.  My little adventure girl strikes again! 

I am taking this next week off to concentrate on home things.  We have been much to busy and we need a break, or at least mommy does. 

The weather has been warmer, but I am thinking it might be too much too late for the garden.  My tomatoes look bad.  Planing to plant a few fall crops too, like spinach!  Yummy.

Of our beans that we recently harvested, I froze 4 quarts.  Yummy winter time goodness.  Christine is going to call me next time she pressure cans to walk me through the steps and I will have her come see the wheat be ground next time we grind wheat!  Good exchange. 

Happy Tending!

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