Thursday, December 20, 2012

Home School Enrichment Giveaway

Today, for one luck winner, we have a year subscription to Home School Enrichment magazine!  Could you be that winner?  Enter today, you just might be!

I want to introduce you to Home School Enrichment magazine.  This is a magazine that  aims to provide encouragement and information to the Christian home school community.  What kinds of topics do they cover?

Well, here are a few they have covered.....

  • 10 Time-Tested Tips for Staying on Track
  • How to Stay Inspired
  • Real-Life Strategies to Get More Done
  • Customizing Your Highschooler's Education
  • Handling the High-Needs Child
  • Developing a Philosophy of Education: How You Can and Why You Should
  • Using Faith in Our Homeschools
  • How NOT to Teach Writing
  • 34 Mommy Tips: Quick and easy ways to simplify your life.

An excerpt from their web site:

Encouraging and Inspiring
Homeschooling can be tough sometimes, so we all need regular doses of encouragement and inspiration to keep our focus clear. That's why each issue of Home School Enrichment is filled with uplifting articles and Biblical advice to keep our perspective what it ought to be, to help you keep going strong, all year long!

"I love the encouragement that I have received from each issue. I feel that it really hits the heart of home school issues and helps me feel more confident in the path that we have chosen for our family."--A HSE reader

Click here to get a free sample.

Home School Enrichment magazine isn't something you'll read once and then throw away, or just read when you have nothing better to do.  No, readers will keep returning to their pages, cherishing dogged eared copies, for years to come.   The practical, real-life teaching ideas and encouragement found within their covers are timeless.   Each issue of HSE is a valuable resource in your home school. 

Today we are very happy to offer one lucky winner a year long subscription to Home School Enrichment. 

This contest is open to US residents only.  This awesome giveaway is open from 12 am on 12/20 until 12 am 12/21.  Share with your friends!  You have 72 hours after being notified to contact me with a name, address if needed, and a current WORKING email address.  THANK YOU!  God bless!  Our email is

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to win, this looks like a magazine I would very much enjoy. :)

  2. Thank You for such a great magazine, I have looked at it before.

  3. It looks like a great magazine! Even if I don't win, I think I will be asking Santa for a subscription!

  4. Our fav. outdoor activity would have to be snow ball fights & building snowmen in the winter. We got one snowy day yesterday before the rain washed it all away, here's to hoping we get a few more!


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