Friday, June 8, 2012

Learning to fly

Once there was a little girl, she had hair that shimmered in the sunlight and an adventurous spirit.  Little could quell her spirit of adventure or her desire to explore.  Her parents constantly tried to keep her occupied and busy doing what they thought would be good for her, but mostly the little girl just wanted to dance, play and learn to fly.  Her mommy and daddy, without meaning to, clipped her wings just when the soaring would get good, and this would crush the little girl.  Slowly, she learned that flying was not safe for little girls. 
Dancing didn’t hold the same appeal anymore, how could it when you couldn’t fly?  Playing without dancing was mediocre at best.  All that there was left to do was to grow up.  Maybe this is why grown-ups were so grouchy; they never learned to fly because they were told it wasn’t safe.

Today we made party hats.  Our homeschool group had a little get together of 4-6 year old little girls.  They had a tea party/picnic inside and explored making friends.  Of course they played dress up and I think two of the girls turned into birds that chased fairies.    It was so much fun for all the girls. 

Here is a little tutorial for the party hats.

This has been a really thoughtful week as we have begun some changes.  Has it been easy?  No.  That being said, I have already seen positives happening in our home.  Things are getting done, less stress, and more acceptance. There is no need to try to pretend to keep up, as you read statuses of friends and acquaintances doing this and that and you look at yourself struggling with the little bit you can seem to accomplish daily…. I still contend most people really only do half of what they “dream” they are wanting to do on Facebook statuses.

The little girl danced in secret, dreaming of flying.   She didn’t want to grow up and be in a hurry all the time; forgetting to watch the rain drops land on the flower petals and feeling the breeze from the wings of the butterflies.  Then one day, with a gentle rain of wisdom and the guiding hand of God, her parents discovered her in the garden. The wind was moving her hair and the flower petals were dancing in tune to the chimes and the bubbling sound from the fountain.  Music for the soul.  What her parents discovered was that their little girl was flying.  The little girl suddenly stopped and the flowers paused in mid sway, with wisdom that sometimes only the young possess she said, “sometimes you have to fly like a butterfly before you can dance on the wind.”  With a grin and a bounce she did just that.

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