Here are some of our creations. 

They are free for you to use in your home, but please don't resale them.  We will be adding to them occasionally.

Most have been created in Word and loaded and converted via Adobe Acrobat.

If you have problems downloading please contact me!

Lady Bug Fact Sheet
Garden Party Hat Sheet
A Little Flower Tale
A Cornucopia Party Favor
Nature Scavenger Hunt 2012
Nature Scavenger Hunt 2013 (there is formatting issues and I am working on it)

Things I am working on:

Lessons for Kindergarten and 1st grade Science, from a Biblical Perspective. 
  • Example:  What is created day 1, day 2, day 3...?  With various activities that you can do with things you most likely have in your home.  These will likely even be able to be adapted for 2nd grade as well.
Math is Fun
  •      Fun things to do in Math
Lessons From the Counter
  •      Easy and fun creations with kids

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