GT Blogger Award Recipients

A new feature we are trying:

Occasionally when we come across a blog we enjoy we will give them the Garden Tenders Blogger Award. How can you become a Garden Tenders Blogger Award recipient? It's easy as pie! We will award blogs which have content suitable for families, about family life, homeschool life, etc. Feel free to nominate your favorite blog and tell us why you think they should receive the Garden Tenders Blogger Award.

When your blog is selected you will have your link and a brief review presented here and shared with the visitors of Garden Tenders. All we ask is that you share our link, place the award on your sidebar or an award page and inform you readers of your award.

Nominate your favorite blog today!


Fresh Modesty:  Olivia and her blog,
Fresh Modesty, a blog about stylish, modern, and MODEST clothing (She also has a new e-book out as well, but her blog has so many tips and ideas on sewing as well). Olivia is a young Christian lady that talks about service to the community and the importance of helping; she is an inspiration to other young teenage girls and young women.


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